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RSPS1 1Its often hard for Parents and Citizens groups to engage with as many busy parents as you would like. You have your hard working inner core of active P & C members, the extended circle of those who help when they can, and those who may like to stay up to date and participate in occasional activities.

A P & C website can help your P & C:

  • Build and support your school community
  • Help new parents adjust
  • Keep busy parents in the loop about P & C activities
  • Increase participation rates in P & C activities
  • Raise more money to improve the school
  • Improve your school's reputation

Parents & Citizens website package

With our P & C package you get:

  • an affordable and professionally developed P & C website
  • total control of your P & C website content through an easy to use content management system (Joomla! 3.2) – minimal tech skills required.
  • launched quickly with our pre-built standard site structure and content including;
    • News - for quick updates on various P & C issues
    • Minutes (write minutes into the website during the meeting!)
    • Frequently Asked Questions (comes with standard but editable answers)
    • Fundraising page and tools
    • About the P & C area
    • P & C resource links

P & C website features

  • Mobile ready web design that scales to PCs, tablets and smart phones - convenient for busy parents on the move
  • Google translate to help engage parents from non english speaking backgrounds -
  • Fundraising tracker with optional paypal donations integration
  • Image galleries for events
  • How to use the site training videos
  • Advice and resources
  • Affordable hosting

Check out a sample school P & C website on your desktop / tablet  / smartphone to see how it scales itself.

Optional extras

  • Face to face or remote training
  • Email newsletter sign up and send tools
  • Surveys / polls
  • Photography
  • Extra content areas
  • Forums
  • Comments


We are currently in the pilot phase for this product's development and are offering discounted site setups to the first 5 P & C website builds we do. Those who accept this deal will help us refine the product and save money along the way.

Standard P & C website Setup Fee

$900 site setup

$150 annual hosting and maintenance fee

Special Setup fee for first 5 sites

$600 site setup

$150 annual hosting and maintenance fee

Ease of use

Take a look at this video to see just how quick and easy it is to add content to these sites.

How to create a webpage in 1 minute

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